We envision a different kind of healthcare.

Health Leads envisions a healthcare system that addresses all patients’ basic resource needs as a standard part of quality care.

We connect patients to the basic resources they need to be healthy.

Seeking help for their child’s asthma, a family discloses their unsafe living conditions and limited food. A Health Leads Advocate connects them to resources.

We’re building the next generation of healthcare leaders.

Read about Boston Advocate Madeline Hung and her transformative experience with Health Leads.

We offer solutions for healthcare providers.

Health Leads is fully integrated with care delivery, improving health outcomes and patient satisfaction while lowering cost of care.

Health Leads on TED Radio Hour

TED Radio Hour revisits our 2012 TEDMED talk.  Rebecca Onie and other leaders share ideas on how to solve some of the most pressing challenges in the U.S.

    A Different Kind of Healthcare

    Health Leads enables doctors and other healthcare providers to “prescribe” basic resources like food and heat just as they do medication. We recruit and train college students to “fill” these prescriptions by working side by side with patients to connect them with the basic resources they need to be healthy.

    Solutions for Providers

    Health Leads works with clinic partners to treat the non-medical factors that impact patients’ health.  By addressing basic resource needs like food and heat, Health Leads enables clinics to offer comprehensive care for their patients.  A fully integrated component of care delivery, Health Leads provides a complete picture of patients’ health, improving outcomes while lowering costs.

    Upcoming Webinar: September 30th

    On Tuesday, September 30th, The Commonwealth Fund will host a webinar highlighting the ways in which health systems are striving to meet patients’ social needs as a part of care delivery.  Join us for the event!